Webinar recordings, presentation and ALFA news

A quick post to summarize some developments and webinars that have taken place recently.

Axiomatics has decided to make its domain specific authorization language ALFA publicly available by donating it to OASIS Standards consortium as a XACML profile. More details can be found in our press release.

If you could not attend our webinar titled “Protect sensitive data(bases): enforce compliance at any access point“, you can view a recording of it now. The recording of our webinar on achieving Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) for applications with XACML is also available for viewing.

David Brossard gave a presentation at the European Identity Conference OASIS workshop, where he looked at externalized authorization, attribute-based access control (ABAC) and XACML and how it can help implement privacy regulations. You can find the slides of the presentation below.

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