The Axiomatics Customer Experience (ACE) 2018

A month ago we gathered in Chicago for the inaugural Axiomatics Customer Experience. We wanted to get to know our customers even better, and I wanted to create a community so that our customers could exchange ideas with one another.

The event had three aims:

Strengthen the ties between our product management team and our customers: One of the key benefits of being a small business is that our customers all get VIP access to our product management team. Customers can voice their concerns, their preferences, their wishes for future releases of our product suite.Our product managers flew in from HQ to present our product roadmap, and listen to customer feedback.

Establish a customer community: Our customers are our champions. They use our products in innovative and creative ways every day. We wanted to connect our customers to one another so they could share their experiences and knowledge unfettered, the use cases, the challenges, and the successes.. We were fortunate to have seven speakers present their implementations of Axiomatics. See below for details.

Certify and educate: one of the tenets of Axiomatics is to drive and implement key Identity & Access Management standards such as XACML, SAML, and OAuth. Being the authors of XACML 3.0 and the leading commercial implementation, we designed the first XACML certification program ever. Attendees also obtained ISC2 CPE credits through the certification.


Seven tremendous speakers present their work

Seven customers delivered world-class presentations covering a wide range of topics. Some were about new implementations, others were successful decade-old programs. We all learned a lot from the speakers. Some of the topics that were approached include:

  • Applying XACML to Elasticsearch
  • Enabling export control legislation in SAP systems using Axiomatics
  • Applying fine-grained authorization enterprise-wide in a federated environment
  • The road to converting an enterprise to externalized authorization


A vision for the future

Our very own CEO, Niklas Jakobsson, also hopped over from Sweden to deliver our collective vision for the future of authorization. He touched on key topics such as the increasing number of regulations we help customers tackle (GDPR, export control…) as well as the shifting landscape (digital transformation and cloud). He also reminded attendees of Axiomatics’ core purpose, which is deeply rooted in research and innovation with a stronghold of patents to drive our product development.

On the second day, I took to the stage to pitch cutting-edge ideas for externalized authorization, and to gather audience insight and feedback. If you have ideas, we’d love to hear them, too. We need authorization more than ever to ensure we share and protect our data adequately.

This is only the beginning…

In hindsight, this event was a huge success. Most attendees traveled from all over the country – and even a few international guests – to partake in our inaugural event. I am deeply grateful and can only say two things: thank you and see you next year! So stay tuned as we plan ACE 2019.

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