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“We needed a way to protect our IP – digital images of the world and our proprietary algorithms. Using Axiomatics dynamic authorization, we can address user access control intelligently, and ensure our critical assets are protected.”

– Jeff Naus, DigitalGlobe

Complex challenges are transforming business and product consumption models. As this evolution continues, both software and high tech firms need to balance support and maintenance of legacy systems with innovation. And with this evolution we see legacy models of access control begin to break down and fail.

Whether your business challenge is a result of growth through mergers, acquisitions, VC investment, or any other major business shift, Axiomatics can help you navigate the evolution to  a new generation of access control. Our dynamic authorization solutions help protect your critical data while you handle mission-critical initiatives, such as moving your products to the cloud, increasing your number of APIs, or maintaining databases, all while enabling your company to become more responsive to contend with faster release cycles, improved product management, and agile development methodologies.

Manage Access Control and Protect IP

Collaboration is key in today’s competitive tech world. Third-parties and outside sources need access to specific information – and your growth means there is a lot more information than ever before to share. You need to control all the access points, making sure critical data is secured, and at the same time ensuring information flows to the right people.

Dynamic authorization solutions from Axiomatics allow fast-moving software and high tech firms manage access control to information dynamically, with fine-grained authorization. Information that was previously considered too sensitive to share, or not sensitive enough to protect, can now be securely shared among the parties that need access to it. It can be applied to applications, databases, Big Data stores, API Gateways, and even bundled within your own product.

Dynamic authorization means you can determine the exact conditions under which information can be shared. The level of granularity is determined by your need to share, and corporate policies and regulatory requirements, which you can ensure are always adhered to.

Dynamic Authorization for Software and High Tech Companies

Dynamic access control gives you visibility and control of access. It allows you to grant or deny user access to data based on multiple factors, namely what, who, when, why, where and how. Put simply, this means you can ensure that development information, customer data, etc, is only available to the right people, at the right time, for the right reasons, and from the right location and device. This allows you to provide a greater number of enforceable package options to customers, e.g. view certain material “on the go” with a device and get full access at home.

The same security that can be applied for intellectual property can be applied to customer information, meaning you can ensure personal privacy regulations are met and that customer details are safeguarded.

For more information on how Dynamic Authorization from Axiomatics can help your software or high tech firm, schedule a demo or visit our Access Control 101 page.

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