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Dynamic Authorization for the Public Sector

As with the federal government, there are several data access control challenges unique to the public sector. From education to law enforcement, internal revenue, and government institutes, agencies require complete control over who, when and how their most sensitive data is accessed.

In the wake of high-profile security breaches such as Wikileaks and the NSA, agencies around the globe require fine-grained Attribute Based Access Control (or ABAC), that allow agencies to define robust policies about a user’s access rights including (but not limited to) who a user is, what his/her role is within a given entity, when he/she should be granted access, where, and at what time.

For example, imagine this scenario:

  • Public Sector Y oversees several law enforcement agencies that each operate within a given jurisdiction.
  • Law Enforcement Agency A needs access to specific information about a case that occurred within the jurisdiction of Law Enforcement Agency B.
  • Government Agency Y needs overarching case data relevant to both law enforcement agencies.
    But each agency requires different information from the case and for a different purpose.
  • Access to too many details on the part of any agency could result in a critical data breach.

Axiomatics can help solve this with Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC). Axiomatics works around the globe with the public sector, its contractors, and security integrators to deploy ABAC allowing agencies to maintain complete control over who, when and how their most sensitive data is accessed, while providing a single point of control for data access—as regulations change, system integrators can adjust policies once, and have them apply agency-wide.

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