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Power and Utilities

Secure Collaboration for Power and Utilities

Power and Utilities companies hold vast amounts of sensitive data, collected from a multitude of sources, including big data generated by smart grids and smart meters. This data is stored, analyzed, and filtered, before being shared with collaborative partners.

P&U companies must also deal with the increased interaction of today’s more empowered consumer.

This complex ecosystem requires an advanced authorization solution that not only caters to IoT, big data and mobilization, but also ensures only the right users get access to the right data under the right conditions.

Dynamic Authorization solutions deliver this by using Attribute Based Access Control to ensure sensitive data is shared efficiently and in line with corporate policies. In short, Axiomatics solutions ensure:

  • Only authorized users can access the data they are entitled to, under the right conditions
  • Corporate policies governing employee/third-party access rights are strictly enforced
  • Data at API, database, big data, or application levels is secured.
  • Data on-premises and in the cloud is safeguarded.
  • Multi-device authorization, including smartphones, tablets and laptops, as well as Internet of Things (IoT) is supported.
  • Data access-related compliance regulations by state, country, or jurisdiction are enforced.

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