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Access Control in Pharmaceuticals: Collaborate and Protect IP

Pharmaceutical enterprises now outsource development to small specialist laboratories in order to focus their talents on specific research. Often, only the most business critical work is done in-house.

This transition introduces a whole new set of security issues. Sensitive information has to be shared between different laboratories while remaining secure.

Without the right access control in place, the need to safeguard information often overrides the need to share, and slows down – or even halts – new business initiatives.

Dynamic authorization is invaluable to organizations that outsource parts of the R&D process. ABAC provides unrivaled fine-grained access control. Unlike static, legacy authorization models that base data access on the user’s role (RBAC), the Axiomatics technology grants or denies access based on multiple dimensions, including:

  • Who Can Access?
  • What Information?
  • At What Time(s)?
  • From Which Location?
  • For What Purpose?
  • From What Device? (Think mobility and BYOD)

Axiomatics’ pharmaceutical customers no longer need to lock down R&D data. They are able to share sensitive information with external laboratories and suppliers. In fact, according to one Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, this ability is leading to the design and production of a number of new molecules and drugs, which simply wouldn’t have been possible without multi-dimensional authorization.

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