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Dynamic Authorization for the Manufacturing Industry

Regulations governing what information can be sent to whom and under what conditions are getting stricter and stricter, while the need to collaborate has never been greater.

Manufacturing components are often made by third parties on different continents in plants producing competitor parts and products. They are then assembled and packaged somewhere completely differently before being shipped around the world. Securing intellectual property and doing business is an enormous challenge.

Axiomatics provides authorization applications that enable organizations to securely share information among stakeholders while meeting strict regulatory regulations. Axiomatics helps your manufacturing organization do business and help safeguard intellectual property.

Protecting IP in a Global Manufacturing Organization

Collaboration is key in today’s competitive manufacturing world. Whether you’re running just-in-time management at a local plant, producing goods on the other side of the world, or a combination of the two, you need to collaborate with suppliers, customers, and a host of other stakeholders. Everybody needs access to your information, but you need to control all the access points, making sure intellectual property is secured and at the same time ensuring information flows to the right channels.

Dynamic authorization solutions from Axiomatics allow organizations to manage access control to information in a completely new, fine-grained manner. Information that was previously considered too sensitive to share, or not sensitive enough to protect, can now be securely shared among the parties that need access to it.

Dynamic authorization means you can determine the exact conditions under which information can be shared. The level of granularity is determined by your need to share, and corporate policies and regulation requirements, which you can ensure are always adhered to.

Meet Export Control Regulation with ABAC

How are defense manufacturers utilizing our solutions today? Dynamic authorization enables you to implement precise authorization rules throughout the enterprise that reflect corporate and export control policies. This allows authorization to be granted or denied based a number of attributes.

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