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Information Security in the Insurance Industry

Information security is essential in the insurance world. With agents and agents’ agents selling and handling claims on behalf of insurers there is an extremely long chain of information, which increases the risk of security breaches. Not only does personal data have to be protected, but competitive pricing details and other sensitive information must be secured, i.e. only be accessible to the right parties at the right time.

On top of this customers, in particular large organizations, are demanding more access to their data, while governments are passing stricter privacy and purpose-of-use regulations, with much more transparent reporting. This considerably increases the compliancy requirement on insurers.

How then do you achieve information security while meeting customer demands and compliancy regulations, without hindering your or your agents’ operations? The answer is simple. With Axiomatics’ fine-grained access control solutions, you can control who has access to what, from where and for what purpose. Fine-grained authorization equals next generation information security which doesn’t restrict business.

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