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Dynamic Authorization for the Healthcare Industry

eHealth records opened up new opportunities for the healthcare industry. Suddenly patients’ records could be shared online between doctors, nurses, insurers, care providers, emergency services, you name it. Patients could receive better treatment, faster and more efficiently – at least that was the plan. Unfortunately, this has not materialized. Protecting patient privacy and sharing information amongst healthcare workers has proven virtually impossible, until now that is.

Dynamic authorization from Axiomatics is the next generation in authorization. Unlike Role Based Access Control (RBAC), which bases access to information on a person’s role, dynamic access control, or Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) as it is also known, allows you to grant or deny access to information based on multiple factors.

Secure Information Sharing Among Healthcare Professionals

Vast amounts of patient information is recorded every day. However, access to this is often either limited to the writer or exposed to a much wider audience than necessary, thus compromising patients’ privacy. As yet the healthcare industry has not managed to implement a common system that allows information to be shared among the medical experts that need access it to provide better, more efficient healthcare, while also enforcing strict privacy regulations. For many healthcare organizations the securest way to share patient information is still via paper documents. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case anymore.

Secure Information Sharing for Health Insurance

Within health insurance, regulations are becoming stricter and so too are the penalties for non-compliance. Vast amounts of information are continuously exchanged between healthcare workers, emergency services, adjusters, agents, and insurance company employees. At the same time patient privacy has to be protected. A dynamic authorization solution can ensure a stakeholder only has access to the information he or she requires, thus the risk of patient data being compromised is reduced and workflows become much more efficient.

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