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Dynamic Authorization for the Financial Industry

As a financial institution, your organization faces big challenges around regulatory compliance and protecting customer data. Local banks, global investment banks, and brokerage firms are all faced with similar issues: if authorization is not done right, it can lead to devastating financial repercussions.

Complicated compliance demands mean new customer and sales enablement applications can be delayed, or in some cases – halted completely. But when authorization is done right, fraud is minimized, compliance is achieved, and financial institutions can get ahead of the competition.

Axiomatics provides fine-grained authorization for applications, databases, and APIs, removing the hassle of implementing and changing authorization requirements, and helping bring these data points under a single point of management.

Axiomatics solutions enable you to:

  • Enforce your authorization policies without hard-coding individual apps, saving time and money
  • Rollout secure services and applications across multiple platforms and devices
  • Meet strict compliance and governance regulations – that in banking and financial services change constantly.

Dynamic Authorization gives you peace of mind and helps you gain a competitive advantage.

Solving Privacy Concerns for the World’s Top Banks

Ensuring privacy while staying compliant is a multifaceted challenge for most organizations within the financial industry, at least if you are using a static model to cater for your access control. Moving to a more dynamic access control structure can help facilitate the process of overcoming the obstacles and making sure your organization is prepared for the future.

Minimize Fraud with Dynamic Authorization for Investment Banks

When trillions of dollars change hands every hour, 24/7, having controls in place that enforce corporate policies and comply with regulations is extremely difficult, without restricting trading. If there is a gap in a system, rogue or erroneous transactions can and do occur. This can lead to millions of dollars in losses and fines, as well as jail terms for senior management.

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