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Secure Collaboration

Protect IP and Collaborate Securely

Today, we conduct business globally, in real-time, in virtually every industry. Additionally, individuals are accessing corporate information from multiple locations, from every device, around the clock.

Our IT environments weren’t designed to handle this. Today, most companies are still looking for quick fixes for their legacy systems to stop them from “leaking” by employing antiquated authorization management controls.

The old way of doing authorization will not deliver the information security you need to protect information and drive your business forward. The new IT landscape includes cloud, bring your own device (BYOD), social network connections, etc., and requires a completely new set of control mechanisms. Organizations need next generation authorization management.

Collaboration often comes at a cost to security or business development. Dynamic Authorization eliminates this cost.

Next generation authorization management from Axiomatics enables you to collaborate effectively while ensuring your information is secure. The centrally managed, industry standard solution, can be utilized in virtually any IT environment, regardless of scale, platform, age, fragmentation, you name it.

Authorization no longer works on a “who needs to know” basis as previous generations of authorization management, such as role based access control (RBAC) did. Dynamic Authorization covers:

  • Who needs to know
  • What they need to know
  • When they need to know
  • From where they can know
  • For what purpose they need to know
  • At what time they need to know


Multiple attributes such as these can now be used to secure your information in an effective collaboration process that stretches beyond an organization to include all stakeholders.

For more information on how your organization can securely collaborate with Dynamic Authorization, please contact us.

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