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Effective Compliance and Governance

Don't Let Governance, Risk, and Compliance Hold Your Business Back

Regulatory requirements are becoming stricter: public data has to be protected at all costs; financial regulations have to be strictly adhered to; export controls must be complied with in every country you operate in, collaborate with and sell to; and everything needs to be transparent for auditing.

Penalties for not meeting regulatory requirements are also becoming stricter. Non-compliance can result in huge fines or even imprisonment for the heads of organizations.
How then do you comply with regulations without hindering your business or your operational goals? Do you simply apply export regulations from every country across all your operations? Should your corporate financial policies mirror global financial regulations to simplify the implementation process? What’s more, how do you implement regulation changes throughout your entire IT environment as and when they occur, without constantly draining IT resources? Is it at all possible?

Axiomatics’ solutions help solve today’s compliance and governance headaches. They provide a much more dynamic form of authorization than was previously available. Access rights to information can now be governed by multiple factors, namely:

  • Who Can Access What Information
  • From Where
  • From Which Device
  • At What Time
  • For What Reason

With this level of fine-grained authorization control you can transform regulations into policies that can be applied at any or every level of the organization. Or put another way you can enforce state, regional, national or corporate regulations, when and where they are relevant.

What Does This Mean in Practice?

In the US, our Next Gen authorization solutions are used by Fortune 500 manufacturers to meet strict export controls. Not only do they enable them to be compliant, they also ensure collaboration is secure while safeguarding IP.

A typical policy enforced with Next Gen authorization may, for example, state “only allow US citizens with clearance X to see sensitive information pertaining to product Y between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm, when they are onsite in the US and using a secure device.” Effectively enforcing this with outdated authorizations models, such as role based access control (RBAC) simply isn’t possible.

This is only part of the story however. For auditing purposes Axiomatics’ solutions make it possible to reverse the question above. An auditor can ask “what information can user A or a US citizen with security clearance X access?” To which the answer will be “US citizens with security clearance X can access sensitive information pertaining to product Y between the hours of 8.00 am and 6.00 pm, when they are onsite in the US and using a secure device.”

Resource Friendly and Cost Effective – Write Once and Apply Across the Entire Organization

Finally, Next Gen authorization allows you to reduce your IT costs and resource requirements in relation to  regulations. As it is centrally managed, any changes in regulations or corporate policy can be written once in the authorization engine and applied across the entire organization. This does away with the need to write code in multiple applications. It also removes the necessity to enforce the “same” user permissions based on all internal controls.

For more information on how Dynamic Authorization can help your organization with effective compliance and governance, please contact us.

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