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Efficient Software Development

Cut the Code: Write Once, Use Many Times

For every new secure application you need to write new code to determine who can access which functions and features under what circumstances. It’s time consuming and a major drain on an organization’s development team resources. In addition, business rules subject to future change become hard-coded into each application. When the rules later change, the application must be re-coded, tested and verified anew. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Externalized Authorization puts an end to single hard-coded authorization rules and allows you to consistently enforce corporate policies across the entire IT environment. When regulations or your corporate policies change, you can simply update your centrally managed authorization rules without having to touch individual application source code. With the Axiomatics Dynamic Authorization solution you can put your developers time to better use, such as rolling out new services.

We call it “write once, use many”; you might refer to it as efficient authorization software.

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