Security, Dynamic Authorization and the Big Data Landscape

The big data landscape is, not surprisingly, big. Matt Turck’s excellent blog ( has good coverage on the development in this area and captures how much the landscape has grown over the past few years. The figure below, created by Turck, captures the vendors in the Big Data landscape, divided by the functional aspects of their products.

Big Data Landscape

So where does Axiomatics’s SmartGuard for Big Data reside?

With our new solution, SmartGuardTM for Big Data, we fill a very specific need for Big Data security – to control access while not hindering data analytics and information sharing.

SmartGuard for Big Data is the only Big Data authorization solution to deliver true Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC). It protects data stores against unauthorized access, only allowing users or applications access to the data they are entitled to, in accordance with corporate policies.

The data-centric solution adds a dynamic layer of security between applications and big data stores. This enables enterprises to use Big Data more securely to analyze data insights and meet business objectives – such as better product performance or improved service offerings.

Given this feature set, SmartGuard for Big Data is well-positioned in the field of “Security” and, given that the deployment model is at the infrastructure level and the security aspect is associated with securing the data in the data stores (as opposed to providing security services using data analytics), the main category that SmartGuard for Big Data belongs to is the Infrastructure section in the graphic by Matt Turck above.

 You may also be interested in this Big Data blog by Gerry Gebel.

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