ABAC: Ready, Steady, Go!

Is authorization an issue for your organization? Are current static access control methods in use, exposing your company to unnecessary risk? If so, it’s time to exchange RBAC for ABAC and protect business critical information.

Building an Effective API Security Framework Using ABAC

Today, information is shared like never before. Whether it’s for business or private purposes, people expect information to be readily available. APIs are a great way of achieving this, but it often comes at a cost, namely security.

The ABAC Advantage According to NIST – What the Guidelines and the Users Have to Say

In this webinar we will discuss the ABAC advantage according to the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST).

Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) Authorizing Data Access

This is a joint webinar together with our partner First Point Global. In this webinar we will demonstrate how dynamic authorisation supports innovation in the digital economy

Dynamic Access Control for Insurance Companies

In this webinar we will investigate in more detail why and how companies are adopting Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) and learn more about the key benefits.

Protect Sensitive Data(bases): Enforce Compliance at Any Access Point

In the past, protection of sensitive data has revolved around a patchwork of complementary methods and technologies. Transparency is compromised as complexity increases and the overall solution still suffers from severe blind spots. In a database stored procedures and triggers may be used to compensate for gaps created by the role based access control (RBAC) […]