Overcoming Role Explosion Challenges with Attribute-Based Access Control

Access control has been predominantly managed with a legacy static model based on user roles – called “Role-based Access Control”, or RBAC. Enterprises that use RBAC are now experiencing role explosion – and difficulty scaling RBAC to meet the complex access control requirements of today’s workforce and the need to share, securely. Key Takeaways: Understanding an […]

Cutting Through Export Control with Bell Helicopter and Axiomatics

In this webinar, together with guest speaker Greg Heartsfield from Bell Helicopter, we will focus on the complexity of export control and PLM systems and the challenge of overseeing data classification schemes subject to change. Because PLM systems were designed to help collaboration across departments and external parties, these systems require fine-grained authorization to make […]

Flexible and Dynamic Security for the Data-Centric Enterprise

Requirements for securing data often pass down from C-level executives through multiple layers: from security architects out to the teams and systems administrators responsible for implementing security requirements. At each step, different tools are used to achieve the objectives, making it difficult to trace the security configuration back to the original requirements. This results in […]

Access Control Obstacles – How to Win the Challenge of IT vs. Business Units

Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) may be the future of identity and access management (just ask analysts Gartner and KuppingerCole) but up until now there have been certain obstacles. In the main these are non-technical – and they are now being overcome. With the launch of the Axiomatics Policy Server 6.0, Axiomatics is bridging the […]

Using the OWASP Top Ten to Upgrade Your Authorization Services

This is an exiting webinar on how the OWASP Top Ten can help you upgrade your authorization services. Our Americas President, and resident Attribute-based Access Control (ABAC) expert, Gerry Gebel will, together with well-known security expert Gunnar Peterson, be examining how you can use dynamic authorization to address some of the more common ways that companies’ are […]

The #1 New Year’s Resolution: Lock Down Your Data Access

High profile data leaks are in the news almost daily – sensitive data is being accessed, released to the public, or stolen by identity thieves. Keeping sensitive data secure often seems like mission impossible – as data is required for collaboration, for applications to function – and people need the right data to do their […]