Financial Services

Protect access to sensitive information and secure transactions without sacrificing business agility. In Q4 2010, 29.8 million Americans accessed financial service accounts (bank, credit card, or brokerage) via their mobile device (browser or application), up 54 percent from the previous year. ” 1 Online payments show continous growth as well. In spite of an economy […]


Global industries depend on information sharing across the borders of nations and jurisdictions. Intellectual properties are at stake and export control compliance is non-negotionable. An obvious business case for XACML. Intellectual Property Control Profile simplifies access controls for the protection of copyright, trademarks, patents and trade secrets. Compliance with export control regulations can only be […]

Insurance Industry Brief

Insurance companies go to market via agents and agents of agents. Clients expect efficient and secure online services. Authorities demand strict regulatory compliance. Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) keeps everyone happy. In 1768, Captain Cook took out a policy on his modest home near Assembly Row off London’s Mile End Road. The house was covered […]