Delivering Fine-Grained Authorization Today by Leveraging a Federated Identity Service and ABAC

A webinar with Axiomatics and Radiant Logic

A recent Gartner report predicts that by 2020, 70% of organizations will use Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) to protect critical assets, up from 5% today. We all know that ABAC—for fine-grained authorization, externalized and standards-based representation of policies—is the way to go. Along the way, certain deployment challenges may emerge:

  • ABAC needs attributes, and attributes are linked to entities /objects and processes that are scattered across all your identity and data silos.
  • To provide a comprehensive and optimized authorization framework, XACML policies require a consolidated, normalized directory of attributes.

If fast, fine-grained authorization sounds like an important goal for your enterprise, you’ve come to the right place. Join us on March 31 at 11 AM PT to find out how Radiant Logic and Axiomatics provide a unique combination of technologies that can bring you the advantages of ABAC—today.

  • Radiant Logic’s product, RadiantOne, is a federated identity service based on virtualization that provides your policy engine with all the objects, attributes and context that you need.
  • Axiomatics provides the fastest and most extensive ABAC engine for simplifying and strengthening IAM security practices.

Together, they add speed and accuracy to the process, allowing you to take full advantage of ABAC for fast, fine-grained authorization.

Speakers: Gerry Gebel, President, Axiomatics Americas; Wade Ellery, Senior Solutions Architect, Radiant Logic

Axiomatics is the leading provider of externalized authorization solutions for applications, databases and APIs, and a flexible platform that easily integrates with many IAM and API technologies. With global customers within sectors with regulatory compliance, privacy and IP concerns, such as healthcare, finance, insurance, manufacturing, and the US federal government among others, Axiomatics solutions help protect systems against unauthorized use while enabling secure sharing of information. Axiomatics contributes to the XACML standard and has editorial responsibilities.

Radiant Logic is the market-leading provider of the RadiantOne Federated Identity Service based on virtualization. Acting as a single “policy information point” (PIP) for Axiomatics’ XACML solutions, RadiantOne puts the “fine-grained” into authorization, bringing together data from multiple silos and creating a single view of user identities and profiles drawn from disparate sources. Because RadiantOne gathers a rich array of user attributes from across the entire identity infrastructure, corporate policies can be smarter and more responsive.

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