Oracle API Gateway Integration

Oracle API Gateway is a standards-based, policy-driven, standalone API Security and Management solution that enables organizations to securely and rapidly adopt Cloud, Mobile and SOA Services by bridging the gaps and managing the interactions between all relevant systems.

Axiomatics fine-grained authorization augments Oracle API Gateway access control so that it is context-aware and policy-based, ensuring the right information sharing, and protecting critical assets and sensitive data from unauthorized users.

Oracle API Gateway secures, accelerates, integrates and routes XML and other types of data in a simple, easy-to-use manner to help significantly lower integration costs, lower costs of ownership and reduce deployment risks associated with SOA and Cloud infrastructures.

Some of the benefits of using the Oracle API Gateway include

  • Provides a lightweight API gateway for securing and managing APIs
  • Connects mobile devices to existing enterprise systems
  • Significantly lowers integration costs, decreases total cost of ownership, and reduces deployment risks
  • Offers rich integration with many identity and access management platforms
  • Helps streamline regulatory compliance through authentication, authorization, and audit capabilities