Apigee Integration

APIs have become a requirement for building digital businesses. Through every connection there is at least one API interacting with other applications and exchanging data. Full lifecycle API management is needed now more than ever to enable the productivity of developers and partners, to manage, secure, and mediate API traffic, to provide different consumption models, and to provide ways to monetize APIs, and to grow API programs to meet increasing demand.

Apigee is the cross-Cloud API, giving organizations the power choose where to host API traffic — on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid. Whether it’s compliance, security, or scalability that are of utmost importance, Apigee provides you with the flexibility you need.

APIs like Apigee often need much finer-grained authorization decisions than are available natively in the API Gateway solution – for complex use cases, a role-based approach, or the use of OAuth scopes are simply not enough. Risk, context and content need to be taken into account. To achieve such granularity in authorization, it is possible to extend the API Gateway with Axiomatics Policy Server (APS) and a policy-based approach to authorization.

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