Dynamic Authorization for Business Applications

The fastest, most accurate and most comprehensive dynamic and externalized authorization solution available.

Axiomatics Policy Server is the most complete solution available for enterprise-wide roll out of externalized dynamic authorization, delivered with Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC). Whether your pain is role explosion, toxic combinations or managing segregation of duties, the Axiomatics Policy Server is best-in-class software to help organizations establish fine-grained data access control. You’ll be able to address complex control and compliance needs, and to more efficiently and effectively manage access to critical assets. With ABAC from Axiomatics, you’ll get proven results:

  • Show ROI on investment quickly
  • Expand the possibilities and performance of development teams
  • Gain competitive advantage and speed-to-market

It is an independent solution which easily integrates with Identity & Access Management (IAM) tools from leading vendors in the space. The rich APIs and advanced authorization services for all types of scenarios come combined with user-friendly interfaces for policy life-cycle management, service administration and monitoring.

Unmatched scalability and performance makes Axiomatics Policy Server the preferred choice for implementing Attribute Based Access Control in many global enterprises and government agencies.

Attribute Based Access Control will provide us with the security we require to maintain the high level of security our customers expect from PayPal.~ -- Michael Barrett, Chief Information Security Officer, PayPal