CA API Gateway Integration

The Axiomatics CA API Gateway integration greatly enhances the service with Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) that brings context-awareness to authorization decisions enforcing regulatory requirements and business policies.

With this extra layer of fine-grained access control a wide number of attributes can be used to enforce user permissions and to govern access to data. This is particularly important if you are exposing business critical or sensitive data via your APIs.

ABAC allows you to manage who can access what information under what conditions. ABAC solutions from Axiomatics use a standards-based and rich policy language to capture organizational or regulatory policies and rules. It enables you to manage the actions individuals or services can carry out, such as edit or view a document, create, sign off, or view a transaction, and at what amount. This is all done in real-time to provide the level of service required by users in today’s on-demand society.

Benefits in brief:
  • Enhances the CA API Gateway with context-aware authorization
  • Ensures compliance and governance requirements are met by enforcing fine-grained access controls.
  • Streamlines policy editing and management.
  • Delivers Attribute Based Access Control which considers multiple external factors for authorization.
  • Supports multiple environments including mobile cloud and homegrown application scenarios.
  • Easily scales while providing low latency, high performance authorization.