Tableau Integration with Axiomatics

Tableau company logo displayed to show integration with Axiomatics

When using a BI tool like Tableau, it’s required that there is control over what data the users have access to. This could include what information can be accessed through an API, what the user can do within an application, and within the data layer itself – control down to the cell level of what a user can view and access.

Using Axiomatics dynamic authorization solutions, fine-grained authorization can be applied to Tableau and to the data that is retrieved from an underlying data source within an enterprise.

Tableau’s data query capabilities work across different data sources, so the tool can retrieve the relevant data to the framework the user is setting up. The right access control measures must be in place to ensure sensitive data is protected, but that the right data is available for analysis. There might be very specific access control rules that need to be implemented based on specific attributes of the data or specific attributes of the user.

Protecting and securing data accessed by applications such as Tableau can be challenging. Axiomatics has two solutions that meet this challenge. SmartGuard® for Big Data and the Axiomatics Data Access Filter.  This is achieved by intercepting the call to the data store and applying a filter before data is fetched. This ensures sensitive data only leaves the data store to those that are authorized to view it.