Dynamic Authorization for Databases

Policy-driven dynamic data filtering and masking for relational databases, on-premise and in the cloud.

The Axiomatics Data Access Filter for Multiple Databases derives user permissions from real-time evaluation of policies, and can filter, mask or redact data based on these same policies. Policy-based authorization applied on the content of relational databases provides the visibility and control required. Achieve data security protection at the very source, within the data layer itself. The Axiomatics Data Access Filter for Multiple Databases ensures that users have access to all the details they are authorized to see – and nothing else. This is standards-based ABAC for databases:

  • Single point of access control management for database layer
  • Enforces authorization in a non-intrusive way; application changes not required
  • Minimizes risk exposure for data in transit
  • Consistently enforces authorization across multiple channels/applications
  • Ensures policies and control rules are in place by users accessing and extracting source data

Next generation database security from Axiomatics integrates data access control with corporate Identity & Access Management (IAM).

Suddenly IT security is becoming a business facilitator rather than a business prevention unit. ~ -- Security Architect at one of the largest insurance companies in Europe.