PEP SDK for Spring Security

Earlier in the year we introduced the work we have been doing to provide our customers with a easy way to integrate the fine-grained, policy-based authorization capability provided by XACML with the powerful and enterprise-level Spring (Security) framework.

Now, after several beta releases and taking into consideration the feedback from our customers, we are happy to announce the first general availability release of Axiomatics PEP SDK for Spring Security.

The SDK provides three core capabilities:
  1. URL level access control using Web Expressions

  2. UI level access control using JSP Tag library

  3. Method level access control (PreAuthorize, PostAuthorize, PreFilter and PostFilter)

The SDK is designed to be extensible and configurable to the specific needs of the customer. It requires minimal XML configuration changes and has, among others, connection pooling capabilities.

If you are already a customer then head on over to the support site to download and try it out, if you are not a customer then please reach out to us and we will see if we can provide you with a copy.


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