Vordel Partners with Axiomatics to deliver Fast, Secure and Standards-Based Polices for SOA and Cloud Networks

Stockholm, November 16 2014 – Vordel and Axiomatics’ Joint Solution Offers Maximum Security with Optimal Access Control

Vordel, a provider of fast, safe, connectivity for SOA and Cloud services, is partnering with Axiomatics, the leading independent XACML authorization solution supplier, to deliver a security policy framework for implementing a trusted and protected environment for applications in the Cloud and SOA network. This comprehensive and flexible joint-solution enables the deployment and enforcement of fast, secure, and standards-based polices for SOA and Cloud networks delivering maximum security with optimum access control. This approach offers enterprises the ability to handle high-throughput traffic with no security gaps via centralized management and with clear access control policy structures.

A webinar outlining the solution offering will be held on December 16, 2010. Register here. The Vordel Gateway provides a high-performance secure framework enabling enterprises to deploy SOA and Cloud Services in a controlled manner. Axiomatics complements Vordel’s approach and provides a highly versatile eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) based Authorization Server that can be deployed in many different environments to achieve ?ne-grained, attribute-based access control (ABAC) to services.

Combining the Vordel Gateway’s service protection, message encryption/decryption, and user authentication features with the Axiomatics Policy Server’s (APS) fine-grained access control, delivers a powerful policy-based common platform. This approach helps avoid vendor lock-in and promotes compliant and interoperable solutions. Furthermore, detailed access control policies can be reused across entire SOA ecosystems, promoting efficiency and reducing time-to-market and developments costs. Additional benefits include the fast performance of the joint solution with APS achieving thousands of authorization requests per second and can be scaled to handle authorizations from hundreds of millions of users. Additionally, Vordel’s patented VXA processing engine is performance optimized to accelerate computationally intensive processing tasks while ensuring limited impact on the overall system performance and delivering increased response times for applications with reduced latency. “Secure access control continues to be a critical requirement for many industries, including financial services, government, health care, and several others,” said Gerry Gebel, President, Axiomatics Americas. “The combination of Vordel and Axiomatics can be used to provide secure and auditable access control regardless of whether services are hosted on-premises or in the cloud.”

Mark O’Neill, Vordel CTO said, “Axiomatics and Vordel have created a security policy framework to implement a trusted and protected environment for applications in the Cloud and SOA network. The joint solution enables enterprises to confidently extend their secured environment beyond the corporate boundary and into the Cloud with the ability to leverage the existing IT infrastructure assets through the re-use of data and policies stored in existing identity management infrastructure within the enterprise.”

Other benefits of the joint solution include its ease of integration with the XACML architecture as the solution efficiently integrates with various policy repositories and attribute sources, for example, LDAP. Additionally, Vordel enables ease of interoperability by providing fast connectivity to link applications, services and systems facilitating the accelerated rollout of new services and products. This allows enterprises to avoid heavy integration costs and generates a higher rate of return on investment on their existing infrastructures.

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Vordel delivers fast, safe, connectivity for SOA and Cloud services. Customers rely on Vordel’s Gateway and Cloud Service Broker to increase performance, strengthen security and enhance interoperability in SOA and Cloud deployments. Businesses leverage Vordel’s unique management capability to govern service usage and enable the efficient running of applications in SOA or Cloud architectures. Vordel has global enterprise customers in banking, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, media, pharmaceutical, telecoms, utility and government organizations. To learn more and obtain a free evaluation of Vordel’s products, go to: www.vordel.com and follow us on twitter and our blog

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