Leading independent authorization solution provider Axiomatics, secures $6.5 million funding

Stockholm, May 7 2013 – Axiomatics, the Swedish based provider of authorization solutions, announces it has raised over $6.5 million in a new round of investment. The funding will be led by the Swedish technology investment firm Monterro. Axiomatics, the leading independent provider of eXtensible Authorization solutions within the Identity and Access Management sphere, today announced […]

New XACML standards based authorization solution from Axiomatics extends the capabilities of CA Single Sign-On

Stockholm, February 2 2013 – Axiomatics receives CA Validation for Axiomatics Extension for CA Single Sign-On and joins the Technology Partner Program from CA Technologies. Axiomatics, the leading independent supplier of attribute-based access control solutions, today announced the launch of the Axiomatics Extension for CA Single Sign-On®, which has received the CA Validation designation. The extension enables […]

XACML 3.0 is officially recognized as a standard by OASIS

Stockholm, January 24 2013 – Axiomatics, the first organization to attest conformance to eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) 3.0, is happy to announce that XACML 3.0 has now been officially recognized as a standard. This version of XACML has been in use since 2010 and it received the Influential Standardization Efforts Award at the European […]

Axiomatics launches ARQ 2.0, bringing XACML-based authorization to a wider audience

Stockholm, November 19 2012 – With the launch of ARQ 2.0 Axiomatics has enhanced the powerful features of its Reverse Query Technology inline with the company’s recently launched Policy Engine, APS 5.0, while at the same time continuing its efforts to bring XACML use to a broader audience.

Axiomatics releases free plugin for the Eclipse IDE to author XACML 3.0 policies

Vail, July 16 2012 – With the release of its latest product, the ALFA plugin for Eclipse IDE, Axiomatics provides easier ways to author XACML 3.0 policies helping developers tackle authorization quicker than ever before. The plugin generates XACML 3.0 policies from a new language, the Axiomatics Language for Authorization, ALFA, which borrows much of […]

Axiomatics takes eXtensible authorization to the next level with the launch of Axiomatics Policy Server. 5.0

Stockholm, July 2 2012 – With the launch of Axiomatics Policy Server (APS) 5.0, Axiomatics, the leading independent supplier of eXtensible authorization solutions, offers a new dimension in fine-grained authorization management. The enterprise-ready authorization solution delivers more flexibility and improved management capabilities and supports virtually instant deployment.