Axiomatics Partners with Informatica to bring Attribute-Based Access Control to databases

London, March 17 2014 – Axiomatics is integrating its unique data access filter solution with Informatica’s Dynamic Data Masking software, to bring attribute-based and dynamic authorization to a large number of database platforms. With this combined solution, organizations effectively and securely can share information and comply with regulations.

Axiomatics today announced that it is partnering with Informatica to bring dynamic authorization to a large number of database platforms. The recently launched Axiomatics Data Access Filter (ADAF) has, until now, only been available for use with Oracle Database11g. The partnership with Informatica brings dynamic authorization to Microsoft SQL-Server, DB2, Hadoop among other databases which Dynamic Data Masking supports.

The Axiomatics Data Access Filter (ADAF) introduces a new level in database security by non-intrusively enforcing business rules on database queries even for already deployed applications. It filters out data on the level of individual table cells and thereby ensures that data never will be exposed in transit unless the user really is authorized.

ADAF integrates with Informatica’s award-winning Dynamic Data Masking software, which can be utilized across multiple databases. This allows many more organizations to use Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) – the technology that Axiomatics solutions are built on – to meet strict regulatory requirements in healthcare, for PCI or for the protection of privacy and business critical assets in various data sources. ADAF is also centrally managed, which means if regulations change, corporate policies can be rewritten and implemented instantly across the entire enterprise.

“We are happy to announce this partnership with Informatica,” says Babak Sadighi, Axiomatics CEO. “It builds on our strategy moving forward of making Attribute Based Access Control more accessible to organizations. This is clearly inline with Gartner’s prediction that by 2020, 70% of enterprises will use attribute-based access control (ABAC) as the dominant mechanism to protect critical assets, up from less than 5% today.

“Data privacy has become a critical business concern and worldwide laws, regulations and guidelines mandate that organizations take reasonable and prudent steps to protect the privacy of customer and intellectual property,” said Amit Walia, senior vice president and general manager, ILM Business Unit, Informatica. “By focusing on sensitive and private data, Axiomatics and Informatica provide an innovative solution to thwart data privacy and data security threats.”

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