Axiomatics Makes XACML More Accessible for IT Security Professionals

Stockholm, May 07 2014 – Axiomatics is making its domain specific language for authorization publicly available. ALFA provides the richness required for expressing complex authorization policies, but is much more intuitive than XACML, the current standard language for dynamic authorization. The ALFA language fully translates to the XACML standard covering all of its features.

Axiomatics, one of the major contributors to the eXtensible Access Control Mark-up Language (XACML) standard, is making its domain specific authorization language publicly available. The company, whose CTO has held XACML editorial responsibility since 2005, developed the Axiomatics Language For Authorization (ALFA) to simplify authorization policy authoring.

According to Babak Sadighi, Axiomatics CEO,
“We developed ALFA over a year ago as a support tool for our customers. However, we can see a much greater need for it. XACML empowers fine-grained, policy-based authorization, which in turn enables organizations to effectively share information and collaborate securely. In fact many of the high profile information leakage incidents we read about on a daily basis, could be avoided using XACML based technology. We have decided to further contribute to the XACML standard with ALFA in order to simplify the use of XACML and accelerate its adoption.”

ALFA has already proved popular with Axiomatics customers that have been using it. David Laurance, a Senior Security Architect at a leading US bank recently stated, “We’ve found ALFA to be a great language for illustrating XACML policies to managers and others with an awareness of policies but without a knowledge of XML.” This typifies the experience of ALFA users.

“XACML is a well-designed policy language for implementing complex authorization scenarios,” asserts Erik Rissanen, Axiomatics CTO.
“It has the rich conceptual model required to meet the complex authorization requirements of today’s information and communication channels. ALFA’s syntax is very similar to high level programming languages such as JAVA and C#, which most developers are familiar with. ALFA makes XACML more accessible to application developers.”

Once ALFA is confirmed as part of the XACML standard by OASIS, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, it will be made publicly available. In line with this the A in ALFA, which currently stands for Axiomatics, will be changed.

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