Axiomatics launches ARQ 2.0, bringing XACML-based authorization to a wider audience

Stockholm, November 19 2012 – With the launch of ARQ 2.0 Axiomatics has enhanced the powerful features of its Reverse Query Technology inline with the company’s recently launched Policy Engine, APS 5.0, while at the same time continuing its efforts to bring XACML use to a broader audience.

Axiomatics is happy to announce the launch of ARQ (Axiomatics Reverse Query) 2.0. With the new launch, ARQ is now fully compatible with APS (Axiomatics Policy Server) 5.0 and can be utilized to take full advantage of APS’s advanced capabilities.

ARQ 2.0 provides the same powerful functionality as ARQ 1.0, allowing instant access control decisions of virtually unlimited numbers of records, and thereby enabling externalized access control for applications such as databases or content management systems. However, unlike 1.0, which generated XACML data that developers had to interpret themselves, 2.0 provides an SQL output that can be run against data in a database.

“We wanted to offer access to the unique features of ARQ, to a wider group of users within an enterprise,” says Pablo Giambiagi, VP Strategic Research. “In the past ARQ required a thorough understanding of XACML, now, with this new release, developers and administrators that are not fully proficient in XACML can take advantage of all the benefits of ARQ technology.”

ARQ enables users to manage authorizations for extremely large numbers of data sets and entitlements. For example, it is possible to list the resources that are accessible to a particular user from on millions or billions of documents in a matter of seconds. This unique feature offers much better visibility and much greater manageability of the authorization process in the enterprise.

“Since we launched ARQ we have received a great deal of positive feedback from users, says Axiomatics CEO Babak Sadhigi. “And many of the updates in 2.0 can be put down to the discussions we’ve had with our customers. It feels really rewarding to know that together, we are bringing XACML to a wider audience.”

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