Axiomatics Debuts Externalized, Multi-Factor Authorization for Databases

Los Angeles, November 18 2013 – Axiomatics Data Access Filter enables sharing of sensitive information. The unique solution has been developed to allow organizations with complex IT environments and authorization requirements to securely collaborate between stakeholders.

Axiomatics announced today the availability of Axiomatics Data Access Filter (ADAF), it’s latest innovative authorization solution. The unique solution provides next generation, externalized access control for database content. Axiomatics’ customers derive strategic value from their information assets, particularly in collaborative scenarios where only authorized content should be shared with the right recipients, under the right conditions and at the right time.

According to Gerry Gebel, President, Axiomatics Americas, “Until now, enterprises have been limited by first generation database access control mechanisms that are inflexible, expensive to maintain, and suitable only for static scenarios. With Axiomatics Data Access Filter, enterprises can now apply dynamic and externalized authorization at the data layer, which can be based on any number of factors.”

ADAF has been developed for industries in which business critical data needs to be shared in order to promote business, but existing IT platforms or access control systems restrict secure information flows. The centrally managed solution coexists with existing access control systems, meaning it can be utilized specifically to enforce authorization of intellectual property or personally identifiable information, among other things, while complying with regulations.

“ADAF helps you modify SQL statements at run-time for the purpose of of applying policy-based controls in database access scenarios,” says Pablo Giambiagi, Axiomatics VP Strategy Research. “Such fine-grained access control of databases simply has not been possible before. With this solution customers can now apply externalized authorization to multiple layers of the stack.”

The first version of ADAF is available immediately and supports Oracle Database 11g, with other relational and big data formats planned in the future.

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