Axiomatics announces the release of Axiomatics Policy Server 4.0

Stockholm, July 29 2010 – With support for XACML 3.0 and 2.0, Administrative UI enhancements, and Scalability to hundreds of millions of users, Axiomatics Policy Server 4.0 retains its leading position in the entitlement management market.

Axiomatics, the leading independent XACML authorization solution supplier, introduces the latest version of its flagship product, Axiomatics Policy Server (APS). In the new release, version 4.0, enhancements are concentrated on three main areas: support for the latest XACML version, administrative interface usability, as well as scalability and performance. APS version 4.0 is poised to address the full spectrum of authorization requirements of the most sophisticated and demanding application environments, capable of scaling to hundreds of millions of users.

“XACML-based authorization systems are at the center of a ‘pull’ architecture model,” says Bob Blakley, VP and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner IT, Identity and Privacy. “Externalizing authorization from applications is a key enabler of federated applications and of cloud application usage; enterprises should start refactoring applications to externalize authorization now.”

“With the release of Axiomatics Policy Server 4.0 we are proud to announce the availability of important new features in our product suite for attribute based access control,” says Babak Sadighi, founder and CEO, Axiomatics AB. “We see a growing market interest in all aspects of attribute based access control and with these latest enhancements we have strengthened our product to the extent that Axiomatics outperformed competitors in a recent very thorough evaluation of different authorization solutions. As a result, Axiomatics became the selected vendor for the world’s largest deployment of XACML based authorization ever, a solution built to service more than 200 million users.”

Scalability and Performance: APS version 4.0 benchmarks indicate its capability to support Internet applications with hundreds of millions of users while processing complex XACML rules. Features such as an embeddable policy decision point (PDP), which eliminates sending access requests over the network; attribute retrieval optimization; flexible caching options, and efficient policy matching make APS an extremely scalable solution.

XACML Support: Axiomatics has always been at the vanguard of support for the XACML standard and APS version 4.0 is the first product to fully support XACML 2.0 as well as the latest committee draft of XACML 3.0. APS customers will have the full power and flexibility of the XACML language to express their organizational policies. In addition, enhanced profiles, such as the Multiple Decision Profile, are critical in that they enable PDP instances to more efficiently process incoming access requests.

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