Press Release: Axiomatics Policy Server 6.2

Axiomatics Brings Multi-project Capabilities to Fine-grained Access Control

CHICAGO and STOCKHOLM, November 17, 2015. Today Axiomatics, the leader in fine-grained access control, announces a new release for its flagship dynamic authorization engine, the Axiomatics Policy Server. Thanks to this latest innovation, organizations that require isolation among teams while creating and maintaining access control policies can now benefit from advanced multi-project functionality that was not previously possible. This helps address policy creation, governance and compliance issues faced by large enterprises and government agencies within an Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) implementation.

Enterprises have diverse requirements when it comes to segregation of the access control policy authoring and deployment architecture. These typically reflect their internal governance and compliance rules. For example, an enterprise may mandate that an employee writing policies for a specific department should not be able to view, much less edit, the access control policies associated with any other department. With the release of version 6.2, the Axiomatics Policy Server supports the concept of multi-project, in which an administrator can create separate projects, assign members and services to these projects, and manage them as required.

This new feature is another step forward in addressing non-technical challenges for enterprise-scale ABAC implementations. Combined with the visual policy editor within the Axiomatics Policy Server, the multi-project capability facilitates the creation, maintenance and governance of fine-grained, context-aware access control policy creation and deployment, while enabling a central management point for access control. It’s also an efficient streamlined approach that reduces cost and time for software deployment and the burden of maintenance.

“Our goal at Axiomatics is to help our customers accelerate their use of fine-grained access control to help protect what matters to them most – sensitive data,” said Babak Sadighi, CEO at Axiomatics. “The multi-project capability helps internal teams work together more seamlessly to improve the speed of policy creation across business units and teams – while meeting compliance and governance requirements.”

Enterprises in highly regulated industries and subject to government regulations (such as export control) and compliance standards (such as global privacy regulations) are among those moving to ABAC. Federal agencies are also making the shift to enabling infrastructures with ABAC capabilities, as outlined in NIST Special Publication 800-162.


For more information:https://www.axiomatics.com/solutions/products/authorization-for-applications/axiomatics-policy-server.html

Join our Boot Camp session to learn more: https://www.axiomatics.com/events/event/61-webinar-axiomatics-boot-camp-managing-multiple-projects-for-policy-authoring-and-deployment.html

About Axiomatics: Axiomatics is the leading provider of fine-grained access control. Our solutions are utilized by Fortune 1000 companies and federal government agencies to share and safeguard sensitive information, meet compliance and minimize data fraud. To find out more about our dynamic authorization solutions for applications, databases, and API security, or to request a demo, please visit www.axiomatics.com.

Contact: Kelly Shelton [email protected]


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