Axiomatics Announces Data Access Filter with Cell-level Masking

Provides database security through fine-grained data access filtering and dynamic data masking

Chicago and Stockholm, March 31, 2015. Today, Axiomatics announces an additional layer of database security available in the latest release of the Axiomatics Data Access Filter for multiple databases, version 1.2. This new feature provides dynamic data masking capabilities at the cell level, allowing data to be redacted when delivered to authorized users.

Large enterprises require a layered approach to database security to ensure that confidential data is protected from unauthorized access, to protect IP, to meet compliance mandates and to reduce data leakage. The Axiomatics Data Access Filter provides database security by removing data from a queried data set to reflect corporate access control policy decisions based on user attributes. The addition of the capability to redact the data (often referred to as masking) coupled with our flagship Attribute-based Access Control technology, meets the need for data-centric security head-on.

This approach is an improvement on traditional security approaches such as encryption, tokenization or database activity monitoring. These, and many legacy masking techniques are challenging to both deploy and maintain. And in today’s data-heavy, mobile world, these approaches can rarely be implemented to capture the complexity of real-world business rules. A solution such as the Axiomatics Data Access Filter with the ability to redact data, delivers fine-grained authorization, a central point of control and scalability for the long-term.

“We’re excited to bring this new feature to organizations implementing database security. The Axiomatics Data Access Filter offers an approach that includes dynamic authorization and data masking – a powerful combination to ensure data is protected,” says Pablo Giambiagi, head of the Axiomatics Research and Development team.

The Axiomatics Data Access Filter protects database contents with cell-level granularity from a single point of access control, and adapts quickly as business requirements change and policies must be altered. This solution combines two robust technology approaches: data-centric security and standards-based Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC).

The dynamic data masking enhancement has been well received by customers who use the Axiomatics Data Access Filter in production. “The ability to embed policy-based authorization decisions in the data layer itself radically shortens our approval cycles and thereby helps speed up productivity in our project teams,” says a security architect on one of the implementation teams.


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About Axiomatics: Axiomatics is the leading provider of fine-grained access control. Our solutions are utilized by Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies around the world to share and safeguard sensitive information, meet compliance and minimize data fraud. To find out more about attribute based access control (ABAC) for applications and data-centric security for databases, or to request a demo of the web-based graphical policy editor, please visit

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