Federal Mission: Dissemination and Information Sharing using ABAC

This Use Case, Federal Mission: Dissemination and Information Sharing using Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC), discusses how an ABAC model can be used to disseminate information between agencies widely and securely.  By using a fine-grained, ABAC implementation such as Axiomatics Policy Server (APS), an agency can move from a “need-to-know” culture to a “responsibility to provide” mindset. while still providing data owners reassurance that their data is protected from unauthorized viewing.

Data owners can take further comfort in knowing that analytics tools such as the Axiomatics Review Manager (ARM) and the Axiomatics Policy Auditor (APA) can enhance integration testing and find possible gaps in their digital policies.  Security officers and auditors will have the power to determine who has access to which resources.  Used in conjunction, these tools provide confidence that disseminated information is protected and auditable.

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