• Meet Strict Export Control Regulations

    Concentrate on trade and let your authorization system take care of export control regulations.

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Smooth sailing for export controls

Every region you trade in comes with its own complex export control regulatory challenge. Political decisions with a global impact happen overnight. Changes to export rules take effect immediately.

Being able to instantly adapt data sharing access rights to meet export regulations is critical. Failing to act can lead to excessive fines and other serious repercussions. The fine-grained access controls of dynamic, run-time authorization, enable you to effectively manage this complexity. That way you can focus on trade rather than on regulations.

As an organization you must:

  • Seamlessly manage the complexity of regulations
  • Easily demonstrate compliance and support auditing
  • Instantly adapt to change to avoid fines and penalties

Start Managing Your Export Control Data Securely

Around the clock, around the world

Axiomatics offers 24/7 global authorization for export control compliance, based on business policies and regulations. Access to data is enforced at run-time based on factors such as the user’s role, nationality, location, device in use and the data classification.

“Bell Helicopter has strict security requirements and many of these are managed by our access control policies […] we found that for our needs Axiomatics had the most comprehensive product available.”

Bell, Textron Inc.

Get the dynamic advantage

Control complexity

Bring structure to data security in large teams, distributed across multiple regions and IT environments.

Collaborate securely

Share data securely to promote collaboraton, innovation, business growth.

Reduce costs

Reduce IT security coding costs and resource requirements.

Simplify Reporting

Simplify reporting and get full transparency of data access rights.

How to move forward with authorization?

How to move forward with authorization?

Do you have to meet strict export controls, share IP or other senstive data with different manufacturers, or simply want to improve collaboration through secure asset sharing?

Get the answers to your questions

    Runtime Authorization Made Simple

    Axiomatics offers an agile and dynamic authorization solution that allows large enterprises to handle complex data security authorization challenges when conducting business at scale.


    Enforce business policies in real-time for individuals, groups or connected devices. Apply them across any use cases and any environment.


    Create manage and control who can access what, when, from where and for what reason to meet your evolving business needs.


    Get the necessary support to meet complex PII regulations including, GDPR, CCPA, MLA, and HIPPA, with auditable policies.


    Deploy the Axiomatics platform in any environment: private or public cloud and hybrid, and protect data in applications, databases and APIs.


    Leverage Axiomatics suite of developers tools – SDKs, APIs, to easy implement and scale as your business grows.


    Secure data anywhere, dynamically and contextually no matter how complex the environment. .

    Ensure secure access to your export control assets

    Our customers trust us to protect their assets

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    Regulations are getting stricter and competitors are getting more aggressive. Don’t spend time on authorization, focus on your core activities and we will ensure data is secured and regulations are met.

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