Join us at the Q1, 2019 session of the Chicago IAM User Group! As always, this is a free event for local IAM professionals. Drinks and appetizers will be provided.

The speaker for this event:

Chris Hueneke, Director of Security Architecture for GuidePoint Security
“Is your IAM on Life Support?”

The focus will be addressing outdated IAM approaches, processes, and technologies that are leaving the organization vulnerable to breaches and not aligning to business and IT strategies of transitioning to the cloud. The presentation will provide participants with ideas to ensure they are addressing the key areas of Provisioning, Authorization, Policy, Single Sign-On, and Multi-Factor Authentication that protect and add value to the business.

This group is also looking for 3-4 End User volunteers to sit on a panel to share IAM challenges and answer a few questions to initiate discussions. Let us or the User Group organizers know if you are interested.