• Entitlement management

    With the right authorization solution, entitlement management promotes secure data sharing – bringing added value to your data and your business

What is entitlement management?

Business today is reliant on collaboration, which means critical asset, such as information sharing. Being able to control the this is critical for an enterprise that wants to stay ahead of the curve. Why? Because if you can’t share assets securely, you may not be able to share them at all.

For that reason, more and more businesses are turning to entitlement management software. Essentially, entitlement management is the process of managing and enforcing entitlements to assets, i.e., granting or denying access to sensitive data based on what is stated in a business policy or a regulation.

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In its Information Technology Glossary, Gartner defines it as “technology that grants, resolves, enforces, revokes and administers fine-grained access entitlements (also referred to as “authorizations,” “privileges,” “access rights,” “permissions” and/or “rules”). Its purpose is to execute IT access policies to structured/unstructured data, devices and services. Entitlement management can be delivered by different technologies, and is often different across platforms, applications, network components and devices.”

At Axiomatics we tend to refer to entitlement management as dynamic authorization, Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) or Policy Based Access Control (PBAC).


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What is an entitlement management system used for?

An Entitlement Management system is a central repository, where user entitlements are stored, managed, granted or denied, and audited. When fully utilized, an automated system will:

  • streamline enterprise access controls
  • facilitate improved business decision-making through secure sharing of assets within and beyond an organization
  • reduce the threat of data leakages and regulatory misdemeanors

The ever-increasing amount of data being collected and collated – from users, devices, and systems – further increases the need for an automated system.

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Typically, in the past, roles were used to manage access control to sensitive data. Role Based Access Control (RBAC) is still used today, but due to its static nature, it’s not advisable for large organizations in strictly regulated industries that have complex authorization requirements. Roles don’t support business policy or run-time authorization, meaning it’s virtually impossible to meet strict regulations as they change. IP can be difficult to protect, PII is less secure in your system especially to insider threats, and export controls are a major headache – when it comes to both meeting and proving compliance.

Entitlement management, which utilizes Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC), on the other hand, supports all of these. It dynamically safeguards assets and enables secure sharing, which is why it has become central to many enterprises IT security strategies.

Enterprises looking for an effective solution should ensure they choose a system that:

  • is compatible with both static and dynamic authorization models
  • encompasses multiple layers such as data lakes and databases, applications, and API and microservices
  • supports on-prem and cloud systems
  • includes automated, real-time reporting
  • has automated/user-friendly reporting


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Benefits of using entitlement management

Entitlement management offers many benefits to the modern enterprise looking to use business critical assets to gain a competitive advantage.

Improved collaboration

Being in control of exactly who can access what information and for what purpose gives you the power to share data which promotes improved collaboration, innovation and business development.

Business intelligence

Collecting and analyzing data from users, devices, and sensors is key to understanding how your products and services are being used and how they can be improved. This is sensitive data that you can share and safeguard with an entitlement management system.

Reduced administration

With a single directory for all entitlements, administration is much simpler. If access rights change you don’t have to write new code for the applications  or databases that are impacted, you go into your entitlement directory and make enterprise-wide changes.


Automated reporting

Do you know who is accessing what and why in your organization? Can you even produce the information? With end-to-end software, entitlement management real-time and historical reporting comes as standard.

Regulatory compliance

Compliance is a big headache – both meeting regulations and being able to prove that you comply. With full control over entitlements, your access control headache will be solved, at least where you utilize dynamic authorization in the organization.

Why choose Axiomatics’ entitlement management system

Entitlement management gives you control of access to assets, but it’s only as good as the system it’s running on. With the right software, entitlement management can become a gamechanger for your enterprise.

The Axiomatics entitlement management solution is used by some of the world’s leading enterprises to securely share sensitive assets and meet strict regulatory requirements. Development is done in close collaboration with our customers to ensure it meets the needs of the modern enterprise, whether it has fully transitioned to the cloud or remains dependent on legacy systems.

As an established solution provider to companies such as Boeing, Bell Helicopter and Veterans Affairs, among many others, we understand the need to provide user-friendly software that promotes effective data sharing, straight-forward reporting and reliable data security.

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How to choose the right entitlement management solution

No matter where your critical assets are stored or how complex or distributed your architecture is, we can help you safeguard and securely share sensitive data. Our team of experts can define requirements and tailore the products from our dynamic authorization suite to meet your needs.

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