Digital Transformation: Securing Customer-centric Initiatives

Data security and an improved customer experience go hand in hand for successful digital transformation.

“The customer is always right” is a motto originating in the early 20th century which encourages employees to give a high priority to customer satisfaction. The quote has morphed into an intense focus on the customer experience in the new millennium. This new focus is driven by a string of massively disruptive technology changes, such as cloud, big data, API/microservice architectures, smartphones/tablets, UI frameworks and the like. Market dynamics are also playing a disruptive role, with media, travel/leisure, automotive, aerospace, retail, and other industries experiencing a new wave of competitors. One outcome is a focus around improving the customer experience in every aspect of the customer journey. Often called “Digital Transformation” this evolution is focused on modernizing tools and processes within an organization.

Executives have realized that without updating legacy IT approaches, they will fall drastically behind their competitors and won’t be seen as a modern, digital organization. Enterprises are now implementing a wide variety of customer-centric initiatives designed to delight the experience of customers, employees, as well as partners.

Customer-centric Initiatives

Customer-centric initiatives are about providing a seamless digital experience. It is a way of doing business that provides a positive customer experience, drives repeat business, customer loyalty and profits. There’s also a need to be able to link the customer journey in back-end systems, to help businesses meet these goals, measure and improve over time. Read Full Article.

This article originally appeared in CSO Online. The article, in its entirety, can be accessed here.

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