Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Approach

We hold the view that it is not acceptable to focus solely on economic growth in isolation of the impact of corporate actions on the society as a whole. Axiomatics aims to embrace sustainability and the wider notion of social responsibility both in its day-to-day operation and in its institutional dealing with its employees, customers, partners and providers.

Our ambitions and achievements detail our work in this area.

A sample of a few of our focus areas:

Minimize carbon footprint for travel

Axiomatics customers and employees are located in many different countries and to reduce the carbon footprint for travels Axiomatics aim to have as many meetings as possible over the web, using web conference systems and video conference equipment for the offices. Axiomatics has chosen its location of offices to facilitate commuting with public transportation. As an example, the office in Chicago is located near downtown, close to commuter train stations, all Chicago Transit Authority bus and elevated train lines. The office in Stockholm is close to the central train station where all the subway lines pass as well as the airport train. All offices have a locked bike cage available to encourage commuting by bicycle.

Axiomatics takes further responsibility for unavoidable carbon emissions by carbon offsetting by purchasing the services provided by Tricorona/Klimatkompensera where the money goes to climate projects in developing countries and contributes to sustainable development. Axiomatics goal is to purchase carbon offsetting (calculated on an average employee, 5 metric ton CO2 per employee) for each employee by the end of every year. 

In  2018 Axiomatics compensated for unavoidable carbon emissions by investing in Tricorona/Klimatkompensera project for a Solar Thermal Power Plant in Rajastahn, India.

Renewable Green Energy

The ambition for Axiomatics is to keep the energy consumption below 2,5 metric tons of CO2 yearly, and using green and renewable energy. Axiomatics keeps it’s servers at a data center owned by Bahnhof. All Bahnhofs data centers are world-leading when it comes to environmentally-friendly energy consumption and renewable energy. Bahnhof exclusively buys green electricity from hydropower.

Socially Responsible Procurement 

Even though the procurement activities of Axiomatics are limited, we aim to work with socially responsible suppliers to limit our impact and contribute to a more circular economy. Axiomatics aims to use suppliers that have CSR practices. The datacenter used by Axiomatics uses “green energy” and the hardware supplier has a thorough CSR program, including prevention of procurement of products with conflict minerals.

Axiomatics has selected a facility management vendor (who takes care of the cleaning and maintenance of the office) that has a policy to prevent and reduce environmental impact. When furnishing offices, Axiomatics reuses its furniture as much as possible and additional furniture is often purchased from providers with reused furniture.

Check out our Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

Click here to read our CSR Report.



Our Corporate Social Responsibility work and report is certified by the organization FIRA Sustainability B.V.