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It takes a village to implement successful application security

Access Control
Today is a great day for the Axiomatics team, as we introduce our new MuleSoft Certified Connector for Axiomatics Policy Server. And while that is...

Running Axiomatics Policy Server in the Cloud, Part 2: Amazon Web Services

Axiomatics Policy Server
Part 1 of this blog series can be found here: Axiomatics Policy Server in the Cloud: How to Containerize  Axiomatics recently announced a public Amazon Machine Image...

Running Axiomatics Policy Server in the Cloud

Axiomatics Policy Server
Part 1: How to Containerize Containerization is a trend we’ve seen at the enterprise level and among the federal government for some time now. If...

The Express Way to ABAC

Axiomatics Policy Server
Externalised authorization is a powerful way to ensure resources are protected and restricted only to those individuals who have the appropriate permissions. Attribute-based access control...