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Stack Overflow: ABAC vs. RBAC via XACML Policies

The Axiomatics technical teams across sales engineering, development and customer relations often engage with the Stack Overflow community to get insights and answers. They also...

The Convergence of Personalization and Authorization

A founder of a former company said something to me as we closed the doors, “I wish I built a tiered subscription model at the...

The Power of ABAC for your API Gateway

We’ve been hearing a lot from our customers lately about the power of using APIs and microservices to expand business and speed time-to-market for new...

How Using ABAC Can Improve API Security in 2017

During Gartner’s recent IAM conference, I noticed an emerging conversation around the issues of API usage at the enterprise level. Enterprise adoption of APIs is...

Externalized Dynamic Authorization in a [Micro]Services World Pt. 3

Access Control
Part 3: Microservices Authorization In-Depth This is a multi-part series of articles describing why and how one can approach applying Externalized Dynamic Authorization to an...

Secure your API with an ABAC Powered Infrastructure

Many insurance companies use Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) solutions to enable partners or clients to directly manage their own information within the insurance company’s...