CA World 2015

A quick hello from CA World 2015!

Axiomatics is a sponsor again this year and we’re holding up after a very busy day one.

After an engaging opening session by CA CEO Mike Gregoire, we’re excited to continue conversations with those of you at the show and at home about making the shift to an Attribute Based Access Control approach to protect what matters the most – your critical data assets. Security was one of the main themes from Mike’s keynote and we see how important this topic is for enterprises around the globe.

Axiomatics has two very interesting integration points with CA – both for the CA Single Sign On product and the CA API Gateway. These enable a fine-grained access control approach for both products, enabling enterprises to securely share data when authorized. After all, the speed of business relies on the right people having access to the right data.

We’re demoing our solutions at the show, so stop by and see us. And if you’re reading this from an office, we’re available to demo our solution virtually too.

Click here to read more about our integrations.

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