Everyone is a Consumer with Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

Competitive forces and market dynamics in many industries have led more organizations to focus on digital transformation projects to modernize their applications. A key driver for these projects is improving customer experience. To be successful, organizations must provide a stellar experience at each juncture of the customer journey to gain a competitive advantage.

Customers always have a choice to leave for a competitor if their experience isn’t up to expectations. To optimize the customer experience, organizations must rely on data analysis to identify customer patterns, trends and behavior to identify, attract and retain customers.

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The Power of Consumer Choice

In competitive markets, consumers can easily switch to a competitor’s offering if they are frustrated with or unable to navigate through the buying process. So many kinds of obstacles may derail the consumer, such as:

  • Too many steps in the registration process
  • Preferences are not saved across login sessions
  • Forcing multiple login steps across different product lines or services
  • Mobile and desktop browser experiences are completely different, leading to confusion
  • Presenting upsell or cross-sell choices that are irrelevant to the current online experience

Of course, a positive or negative customer experience is considerably based on the design and flow of the application – mobile or desktop browser. In addition, profile data and usage patterns are key inputs into application behavior which can be based on an individual’s data or aggregated data patterns.

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