Axiomatics Policy Server Express Edition - A Technical Overview

As outlined in the earlier blog post, Axiomatics Policy Server Express Edition is a standalone application and comes packaged with a simple walkthrough installer so you can be up and running with a powerful ABAC solution in just a few minutes. APS Express is built on the same core technology and platform as APS, but it’s designed to support rapid-deployment, single-application projects, whilst leaving plenty of scope to expand to an enterprise-wide deployment in the future.

In this post we will cover a more technical overview of the product, looking specifically at the possible deployment models offered by Express Edition, the overview of the installer and some of the features provided out-of-the-box by an Express edition install of Axiomatics PDP and its Services Manager.

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The Express Way to ABAC

Externalised authorization is a powerful way to ensure resources are protected and restricted only to those individuals who have the appropriate permissions. Attribute-based access control (ABAC) gives you the flexibility you need to comply with complex security policies as well as regulatory requirements.

As companies discover the power of ABAC, CIOs, CISOs and security architects are pushing for this technology to be included even for smaller development projects. Project managers and developers are caught in the middle, trying to deliver the project on time and to budget, whilst meeting these increasingly challenging security requirements.

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