Gary is a senior technical writer working on the ADAF MD team at Axiomatics. After studying computer science many moons ago at Aston University in England, he realised that he was not such a good programmer, but that he was quite a good writer - and that is what he has been doing ever since. Writing about technology. 

A New Door Opens - Using Attribute Values Passed from Your Application to Impact Filtering

In the latest release of Axiomatics Data Access Filter MD (ADAF MD), we introduced a neat little feature called user-defined symbols. This feature enables you to pass attribute values from the data requesting application, and from these values impact the evaluation of the access control policy and, hence, the filtering of data received by the application.

In this technical blog post, we’ll look at how this new feature can be used to solve a particular business case - namely the need to impersonate a user or delegate access control rights.

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