Andres has been a Technical Lead for Axiomatics since 2012, heading the .NET development team. Prior to joining Axiomatics, Andrés has worked at Prover Technology AB, the Swedish Institute of Computer Sciences (SICS) and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

Obligations and Advice in XACML part 2

In a previous blog post ​we discussed the use of XACML obligations and advice. I concluded the post with the cliff hanger:

An interesting use of advice is as a means to tell the PEP the reasons why a request has been denied; but to show you how this is done I would need to introduce you to the way the PDP calculates the advice for a decision.

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You are not obliged to follow my advice: Obligations and Advice in XACML part 1

Imagine that you are designing a policy for your business, which happens to be a top-notch hospital, and bump into the following legal requirement:

A physician can access a medical record from one of her patients provided this access is reported to the patient

If you are familiar with XACML, much of this requirement would not be too difficult to structure and implement. The problem you may face starts with “provided...”.

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