Axiomatics Integrates Dynamic Authorization with Mulesoft Anypoint Platform

We recently announced our partnership with MuleSoft and the new integration with their Anypoint Platform™. Axiomatics now augments existing access control with a customizable API access control policy.  Combining MuleSoft’s API management solutions with Axiomatics’ Attribute Based Access Control capabilities enables MuleSoft to accommodate a broader range of enterprise customer security requirements.
In short, this means that MuleSoft customers on the Anypoint Platform can utilize fine-grained authorization, giving them a context, risk, and content-aware approach to securely sharing data and improving the customer experience.
Unlike standard API keys or Role-based Access Control that fail in high-volume complex environments, this framework provides the caliber of access control security that is required to support API initiatives; including security drivers such as secure information sharing, IP and critical asset protection, and compliance and audit requirements.
An example of this need is when the API channel is used to serve multiple user types, such as staff, customers, partners, and the API gateway is where access control policies would be implemented to secure access of sensitive data only by those authorized to see it (such as PII, claims data, salary information, pricing data, etc.).

Key Integration Details

  • Easy integration without SDKs through the implementation of a MuleSoft custom API policy.
  • Augments existing native authorization with externalized, fine-grained access control.
  • Any application (from presentation tier to API / WS tier to business tier to data tier) can leverage the powerful authorization engine from Axiomatics.
  • Flexible and simple authorization policy authoring.
  • Expose data via the MuleSoft Anypoint API Manager securely.
  • The solution can extend existing authentication and authorization standards such as OAuth and OpenID Connect.

For more information on the Axiomatics Dynamic Authorization and Mulesoft Anypoint Platform integration, check out our APIs and Integrations page.

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