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KuppingerCole Report – Market Compass: Dynamic Authorization Management

Jul 16, 2020

The KuppingerCole Market Compass on Dynamic Authorization Management provides an overview of the product or service offerings in selected market segments. The report has profiled Axiomatics Dynamic...

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Multi-Dimensional Security 101: A Beginners Guide to Attribute Based Access Control 

Jul 13, 2020

As new technologies emerge and hackers continue to develop new techniques, your enterprise data becomes more vulnerable each day. The days of storing information in a single, on-premise database are...

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Speed, Privacy and Security – Getting to the Value of Data in Apache Spark

Oct 23, 2019

This webinar is a conversation between Axiomatics experts Pablo Giambiagi and Gerry Gebel, and a deep-dive into the convergence of speed, privacy and security of data. Securing large data stores...

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Stack Overflow: What’s the difference between policy target and rule target in XACML?

Oct 21, 2019

Are you looking for further clarification in working with XACML? This post originally appeared on Stack Overflow. Question: XACML allows us to specify <Target> tag in...

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Protect What Matters Most: The Data — Part 2

Sep 30, 2019

Protect What Matters Most: The Data -- Part 2, Data-Centric Security Welcome to Part 2, of Protect What Matters Most: The Data. You can find Part 1 here, if you didn't catch it. A while back, my...

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Protect What Matters Most – The Data

Sep 23, 2019

Protect What Matters Most: Fine-grained, Policy-based Authorization for your Data Introduction When I speak to customers about what Axiomatics does (fine-grained, externalized, policy-based access...

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The Power of Dynamic Data Masking and Dynamic Authorization

Sep 10, 2019

Most modern environments today handle large amounts of data. Typically the data is spread across different data sources such as relational databases or even a big data system or data lake. And within...

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Using Elastic Dynamic Authorization for APIs, Microservices and Data

Aug 07, 2019

APIs have become the backbone of many services - from the weather forecast to delivery notifications and photo printing services. Not only can we consume data and services more readily through those...

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Stack Exchange: Looking for an Approach to Implement Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC)

Jul 16, 2019

This Q+A originally appeared on Information Security Stack Exchange.  Question: We are looking to implement Attribute-Based Access Control. While we are sold on the philosophy, there...

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Modern Web Application Security for “Cloud First” Initiatives

Jul 16, 2019

The richness of Web Access Management (WAM) is critical to your organization because it’s often the hub of access for customers, employees, third parties and more. And so is your “Cloud First”...

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Efficient Enterprise-Wide Risk Management and Secure Collaboration Using ABAC

Jul 05, 2019

A major US automotive manufacturer was faced with a consolidation challenge for their authorization. As with many large enterprises, security authorization had historically been handled by individual...

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Stack Overflow: MERN Stack Authorization and Authentication

Jul 05, 2019

Are you working with MERN (Mongo, Express, React-redux, Node) and Authorization? This Stack Overflow post details the question at hand, and then how to use dynamic authorization with MERN. It...

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Authorize Like a Pro with Axiomatics + UMA – Guest Blog Post from Gluu

Jun 18, 2019

Today's blog post is a post from one of our partners, Gluu. The feature writer is Mike Schwartz. He has been an entrepreneur and identity specialist for more than two decades. He is the...

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Stack Overflow: Creating a consistent authorization framework

Apr 24, 2019

How to solve the consistency problem of managing authorization of Single Page Application & .NET Core WebAPI? Question from Stack Overflow User Ishan Akin. We are currently developing a...

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Dynamic Authorization to Redact Data in for the Apigee API Gateway

Apr 15, 2019

Introduction Extending the authorization capabilities of an API Gateway to use fine-grained dynamic authorization with the Axiomatics Policy Server is a common use case. There are several...

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Controlling Access to Business-Critical Data

Apr 11, 2019

In this webinar, Axiomatics experts reveal how to use dynamic authorization to secure the content of data stores. Data on its own, in its own silo, has little value. Once collected, centralized,...

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A Systematic Approach to Implementing Dynamic Authorization using Attribute Based Access Control

Apr 09, 2019

"That sounds hard." Shifting to a new way of managing access control requires a new way of thinking. But the approach is straightforward. This paper will break down the process into digestible,...

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Axiomatics Policy Server Product Sheet

Jan 28, 2019

The Axiomatics Policy Server is the industry-leading solution to control access to critical applications. Using externalized dynamic authorization, it provides the most efficient policy engine on the...

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IDF Connect + Axiomatics Part 2, The integration of SSO/Rest and Attribute Based Access Control

Nov 14, 2018

Recently we introduced you to the exciting new release and integration with IDF Connect (you can read Part 1 of the blog here). In part 2 of this series, we asked our two experts - Richard Sand from...

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What you need to know: IDF Connect + Axiomatics Partnership

Oct 22, 2018

Our partner, IDF Connect, recently announced an exciting new product release for SSO/Rest™ 3.1, the first stand-alone, Zero Trust Access Management solution designed explicitly for the modern,...

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Dynamic Policy Driven Authorization for Agile Enterprises

Oct 09, 2018

Authorization is more relevant than ever. In particular, the pace of technological change argues against the hard-coded access control hierarchies of the past. Business disruptors impact many...

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Granular Access Control for a Complex Business Model

Sep 19, 2018

Modernizing Access Control in a B2B2C Organization with Dynamic Authorization The Company needed to securely share data throughout the complex delivery layers of a “B2B2C” model. The Company...

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Top 10 Misconceptions of a Policy-Based Approach

Sep 18, 2018

Even for senior software developers, wading into the world of IAM (Identity & Access Management) and access control can be daunting. Making your way through the acronyms is a chore in and of...

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Securing Critical Enterprise Applications and APIs with Dynamic, Risk-based Authorization and Governance

Aug 09, 2018

Until now, Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) and ABAC tools have largely been deployed and operated independently of each other. However, there is significant value in describing and...

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