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Access Control 101

Whether you're new to dynamic authorization and Attribute Based Access Control,
or a seasoned expert, Axiomatics can help connect you to educational content on access control.

ABAC 101 Articles

A Practical Approach to GDPR Requirements


At the time of this webinar, many enterprises are/were finalizing their plans for addressing new

They Wrote the Book on ABAC


Artech House has just published a book on Attribute Based Access Control, authored by Vincent

Digital Transformation: Securing Customer-centric Initiatives


Data security and an improved customer experience go hand in hand for successful digital

Securing Access to PII and EHR in a Digitized Health Care Environment


Patient Enablement / Self-service With respect to health care, a McKinsey report from late 2014

Fortune 500 Transportation Company Simplifies Access Control for 175,000 Users


One of the largest freight transportation companies in the world, with over 50,000 employees,

Cybersecurity Week in Luxembourg


A week-long cybersecurity event in Luxembourg included Axiomatics’ participation in the PwC

Why Layering Your Security is Important


An Argument for Multi-Layered Security in Wake of the Equifax Breach Winter weather can be brutal.

KuppingerCole Report – Executive View: Axiomatics Data Centric Security


KuppingerCole’s Executive View reports offer advice to IT professionals looking for data-centric

Enabling Digital Transformation: Digital Identity and Access Management (DIAM)


Earlier this summer, I hosted a live webinar with our partners at EY, where we discussed the

Dynamic Externalized Authorization for the Evolution of the Service-Oriented Architecture – Using ABAC for APIs and Microservices


As opposed to traditional monolithic applications, a (micro)service-based architecture comprises

Empower the New Identity Architecture: Combine a Federated Identity Service with Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC)


In today’s complex identity infrastructures, flexibility has become an essential requirement. The

A Note from Consumer Identity World US 2017


Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend and take part in Consumer Identity World (US) in

Enhancing API Security: Dynamic Authorization to Protect Sensitive Data


API Gateways effectively manage the authentication of the user and provide service orchestration

EY Digital Identity and Access Management Report 2017


As organizations shift business strategies towards new digital channels to maintain a competitive

6 Alarming Facts About Electronic Health Records


One of the most difficult issues for a CIO to tackle is the ability to know who has access to what

Gartner Hype Cycle for Application Security 2017


This month Gartner published their “hype cycles” for 2017. These reports provide a barometer

Filter Data with Tableau Using Axiomatics SmartGuard for Big Data


Introduction Tableau offers Business Intelligence (BI) software that is great for generating

Why Axiomatics Federal?


  As the global independent leader in Dynamic Authorization solutions for Federal

Is Your Content Management System Putting You At Risk?


Or in short, how CMS security can benefit from ABAC. What is Content Management? Content

Security Compliance Using Externalized Authorization


Central Decision Point for Fine-grained Access Control To effectively comply with various

KuppingerCole Executive View: Axiomatics Policy Management Suite


The Axiomatics Policy Management suite provides a solution for companies wanting to provide fine

5 Fast Facts for API Access Control


APIs have become the defacto method for connecting people with data. This is great news for

Why Axiomatics?


As the global independent leader in Dynamic Authorization solutions, our people, expertise, and

How Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Applications Can be Supported with XACML


As a Sales Engineer, it’s not uncommon to meet with a customer - or a prospective customer - who,

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